English of Indori People

Kyu bhiya kese ho....are bhiya apan bhi indori hain yaar.....pechana nii kya?....

:) :) These are some of typical Indori words that Indori people use in conversation.

Well.....Indore is very happy city....no tension...huge variety of tasty foods...lots of temples...etc...etc..In metros, its very common to talk in English at public places,office,etc.

What about English in semi metros like Indore,Bhopal,etc ??
Obviously, people of good designation knows English but, in general do people speaks English in market places or offices in city like Indore?

Answer is No.......

if some one speaks English in market than people says :

abe ye kya angreji me badh badh kar ra he....angrej ki aulad :) :)

There is much difference in culture of metros & semi metros.In big cities people from all over India comes for seeking job and for business purpose.Corporate culture in big cities are quite different than semi metros like Indore.Metros has big software Mncs having multiple overseas projects.people used to communicate in English only with clients.Another reason is there are south Indian people lives in cities like Mumbai or Pune,and they are generally poor in Hindi, so better to talk in English only for faithful communication.So definitely your English will improve if you are working in Mnc and living in metro,meet with different people of India or outside India.such scenario is not common in Indore.No big software company...corporate culture is not like metros.living standards and lifestyle is bit different from metros,another reason i feel in metros both husband - wife works but it is not common in Indore so if both husband - wife is aware of corporate culture than its easy for them to talk in English in home too.

But yes....people of good service background do speaks English in home also.I saw many reputed govt. employees,managers of big firm,professors speaks good English in Indore too.

See English is just a language only and for learning any language requires daily practice or usage while speaking.if you are using a language frequently and talking in that language with other people than obviously you will learn new words of that language and you will not requires to stress mind for seeking words.In families where people speaks English,the children are found to be more confident an smart comparatively others.they don't have hesitation in public speaking or in group discussion.

In Indore,if a company comes in college for campus drive and puts a group discussion phase for selection process than half of the confidence of a student goes low.he think of how can i speak,what will be the topic,i have to discuss in English among all candidates bla....bla...such cases can be overcome if families tries to speak English, i am not telling to talk in English only but speaks in healthy combination of both.Teach English to kids and put them in convent schools.Its very important now to have good English speaking skills.Many people in Mncs are surviving because of English only.Being Indori i just loves Indore but i have sincere request to all Indori People to please learn English...it is the present...it is the future...to increase confidence and smartness its necessary to speak good English.

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