Key Differences between Product Based Software Company & Service Based Software Company

Many people says product based companies are better than service based companies,some like to work in service based only.Strictly for job point of view what are key differences between service based software company & product based software company,lets check out some pros & cons of both service based & product based software companies :

Pros of service based software companies :

1) More onsite opportunities
2) Chance to switch to different domains
3) Chance to switch different project
4) Job security
5) Chance to work with different clients of different geographies.
6) Big service based MNCs has bunch of people with different technologies,so technology support & guidance is available.

Cons of service based software companies :

1) Less hike
2) Less starting salary comparatively product based company
3) Need to follow the client culture like holidays,timings,etc especially if you are working on client site.
4) Now a days service based companies tell to move to other cities as well like from Pune to Mumbai,etc..etc.depending upon project.So, be ready for that.

Pros of product based software companies :

1) Good starting salary
2) Good technical exposure
3) Because of permanent employee of product based company your growth factor will increase.
4) Chance to understand overall business and complex software architectures
5) Job stability
6) project stability
7) Good hike
8) good learning

Cons of product based software companies :

1) Job security depends upon performance,you should have good performer for survival in product based companies.
2) Less onsite opportunities,as of now much work is coming to offshore.Less chance to go onshore for small designations.
3) Unlike service based companies,its hard to switch project in product based companies

Above are some key comparisons between product & service based software companies....I hope you like it....
Please like, share & comment below for improvement....Thanks for reading this article.

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