Indori Language | O Bhiya | Typical Indore

Kuch famous Indori shabd.....

O bhiyaaoooo...

Pohe jalehi

bheja bhand mat kar yaar

chatura hai sala wo bohot

jhannat masala hai bhiya

sai saat baat bol riye ho yaar tum

haare kacch...peele patt....buri gat ka....kala dhus...


jhama jham barish ho rai hai

abe apne gyan ganit apne pass rakh

dimag ka dahi mat kar

lappasi mat de 

1 chankat ka to he ni

apna indore to faren saman

Engineer's Anthem !!!

Hum honge all clear......Hum honge all clear....Hum honge all clear ek din
Ohho mann mein hain vishwas....pura hai vishwas hum honge all clear ek din

Nahi darr result ka aaj ....
nahi darr result ka aaj...nahi darr result ka aaj ek din
is baar nai honge backlog...pooora hai vishwas...
Hum honge all clear ek din

humko milega job....humko milega job...humko milega job ek din ohho mann mein vishwas poora hai vishwas humko milega job ek din.

Some universal truth about our life

1) Girls are really bad drivers

2) A good job,good package and a beautiful wife always be a reason of jealousy for others.

3) Boys are always ahead in results of competitive exams in India.

4) Girls are always better performer than boys in board exams.

5) Convincing power of girls are better than boys.

6) Dusre ki thali mein ghee hamesha  jyada dikhta hai

7) In job interviews, beauty of girl matters more than her knowledge.

8) Boys always worship god or pray to god in exam time.

9) Evolving jokes will never end for Both Rajnikanth and Sardar.

10) Engineers always study on night before exam !!.

11) Big thinking is not surety of success...proper implementation is must.

12) A person who writes with left hand usually has good handwriting.

13) Interest on actual amount is always be more favorite for owner.

14) Kamal hamesha keechad mein hi khilta hai.

15) It's always feel happy to leave office before official timing.

16) Free ki party ya free ka khana hamesha acha lagta hai !!!

17) Girls always scare of cockroaches.

18) If 1 white picked out from head then it creates a bunch of white hairs there.

19) Girls always wants praise from there boyfriends/husbands.

20) If we try to forget a thing recalls more that time.

21) A person feels more hungry during fast.

22) Petrol prices in India always rises irrespective of market rates !!

23) Girls favorite snack is pani puri.

24) People used to spend more time on social media than their family.

25) Boys always use to put wallets in back pocket of pant. 

Quotes on T-shirts

1) My father is ATM

2) My Daddy is Hero

3) 99% girls are beautiful rest 1% are in my college.

4) Can't stop my shine

5) It none of your business

6) With a body like this who needs hair

7) Yes...I am foodie
8) Blink if you want me

9) believe in God

10) You are CSS to my HTML

11) I'am not arguing

12) I am not short I am fun sized

13) This is what awesome looks like

14) Always smile

15) It is well with my soul

Write in comments if have some other quotes in mind.....

Chutia City in India | Chutia in Ranchi

There is one area in Ranchi whose name is Chutia. Ab batao sala yahi nam mila tha kya rakhne ko kuch aur bhi to rakh sakte the.yakeen nahi aa raha kya...khud dekh lo photo mein....

Ab sala koi puche bhi to kya bolo chutia mein rehta hu...HAHAHA
koi koi naam bhi ajeeb hote hain.

Engineering Colleges with Lowest Fees in Indore

Some engineering colleges with lowest fees in Indore are : 

1) Royal college of technology,Indore
Rs 40,000 approx.per year

2) Crescent college of technology ,Indore
Rs 40,000 approx.per year

3) Astral institute of technology & research,Indore
Rs 40,000 approx.per year

4) BM group of colleges,Indore
Rs 40,000 - Rs 45,000 approx.per year

5) SD Bansal college of technology,Indore
Rs 40,000 - Rs 45,000 approx.per year

6) Shri Aurobindo institute of technology,Indore
Rs 50,000 approx per year

7) Mahatma Gandhi institute of technology,Indore
Rs 45,000 approx per year

8) Priyatam institute of technology and management,Indore
Rs 45,000 approx per year

9) Vikrant institute of technology & management,Indore
Rs 45,000 approx per year

10) SGSITS ,Indore
Rs 25,000 - Rs 30,000 approx per year

There are some other colleges also in category of Rs 40,000 - 50,000 fees per year....but its hard to include all of them.

Lowest fees is of SGSITS Indore.The best engineering college of Indore with lowest fees.

Cheapest Pizza in Indore | Pizza under Rs 100

Domino's Pizza : Margherita regular size & Burger Pizza Classic veg are under Rs 100 as per domino's menu.

Pizza world : Margherita small size Rs 75

Indian Pizzaria : Regular veg pizza Rs 80-90

Pizza da dhaba : Margherita and more under 100

If you find other restaurants who delivers Pizza under 100 then please write in comment section....

How to take Attention by writing comments in Youtube

Youtube is sensation among youth now!! and many of them earning good by uploading videos on youtube. Commenting on video is also very common and we can see lots of comments below any famous video.You may see many times a viewer comments on youtube and people enjoys it or start commenting  on that particular comment.We can see today how you can be famous on youtube by commenting on videos.

1) Write any funny comment : By writing funny comments you can divert people's attention towards you .People start commenting on your comment rather than on video.

2) Write any special comment about the video : By writing something new seeks the people attraction and people started follow you

3) By writing something negative about the video : It is not recommended but if you want to seek attention than you can write some negative views although video is too good.

May there are other ways also...Write in comments if you have other ways too.....

Truth Behind Salary Packages of Software Companies

Now a days we see some got 1 crore salary package per year some other 50 lacs per year...etc...etc.Many people who don't know much about corporate just start dividing by 12 and think he is earning this much per month !!.For example if a person has 12 lacs of salary package per year , many people who don't know about salary deductions they just divide it by 12 and think he is earning 1 lac per month great!!.But the actual condition only that employee knows how much he is getting in hand.

There are many types of deductions are there in software company and combining all these is known as yearly package.If a person has 12 lacs of package monthly hardly he gets around 80 thousands.

Deductions of salary comprises of :
1) TDS
2) PF
3) Professional Tax
4) Variable pay
5) other deductions like office transportation,medical,etc

These deductions applies in India.Other countries has their own rules and regulations.

TDS : No TDS deducts below 25k per month salary.But if you have higher package lets say 12-14 lacs per annum than deduction of tax is very heavy more than 10k.So better to do some investments and show on 80c column and other investments those you have.This saves some of your tax.

PF: PF deduction is good saving but ultimately you are getting lesser intake per month.but yes i recommend PF deduction because both employee and employer contributes 12% each in employee salary.

Professional tax : INR 200 deducts every month for each employee whether he is doing govt. or private job as professional tax.

Variable pay : In software industry most of the companies has concept of variable pay which they used to pay every year or after six months on the basis of performance.suppose a candidate has 12 lacs package per year than his variable varies from 50k to 1 lac depend upon company.So after judging your performance company pays variable amount.

Other deductions : Many companies also deducts transportation fees if you use company transport.some companies include medical insurance with in package only.

These are standard deductions....may be some deducts more or less.

You can imagine now how much a person will get salary per month if he is getting 1 crore package per year.First of all these kinds of higher salary packages are offered in developed countries like US, if a person is in Microsoft and earning INR 1 crore of package in US than his expenditure and taxes and other things reduces that package not more than INR 20 lacs  of India. Means 1 crore of package in US is equivalent to 20 lacs package in India.

So just do good work....learn new things...and be happy don't think much about package.

Sigdi Restaurants in Indore

There are many restaurants in Indore who are famous for their unique taste and if food is made on sigdi than it becomes more tasty and delicious.There are many sigdi restaurants in Indore.

Some of the top sigdi restaurants in Indore : 

(1) Apna Punjabi Dhaba

Address : Sai bagh colony,bhawarkuan road, Indore
Mobile : 8720038600,9039134515

(2) Sigdi by Vrindavan Restaurant

Address : Vrindavan premises,part 2 vijay nagar, Indore

(3) SigdiXpress

Address : 391, Lokmanya nagar,opp. Ram mandir, Indore

Poha & Jalebi in Indore

The all time favourite food of every indori is poha-jalebi.One plate of poha with 2-3 pieces of jalebi hmmmmm.... creates wonderful taste.We can make cook poha easily at home,its easy to cook and raw poha is easliy available at any grocery shop in Indore but yes making jalebi is bit difficult.But if we want to get real taste of poha jalebi than better to go to any nearby good restaurant and enjoy tasty and healthy poha with sweet jalebi. Indore poha is world famous now and its cooking is also bit different than normal cooking.In restaurants poha cooks on steam rather than gas.As we see in cities like Pune and Mumbai people restaurants people used to cook over gas only but in Indore it is cooked and heated over steam.

Poha was started initially in Maharashtra but became famous from Indore.if we see than overall food of indore is very tasty and good but indori poha is something very special.Sev,teekhi nukti, chopped onion,chopped coriander,pomegranate seeds makes the taste even more better and last but not the least jeeravan,this is special poha masala which is almost every where in Indore used to put on poha,makes the poha spicy.For complete indori poha taste jeeravan is must component.

Indori poha itself is very good in taste but it got more better if we have some pieces of jalebi too.There are many breakfast items are available in morning like somosa,aloo vada,kachori,khamad,imarti but most authentic breakfast of indori is poha jalebi only.

People used to tell that water of river Shipra is so good to make poha that when it gets cooked it becomes soft and having so tasty.Poha factories used to take Shipra river water generally for poha manufacture as we have lot of poha manufacturing factories near sanwer and ujjain.

There are different varieties of poha available in restaurants like :

1) Sada poha
2) Usal poha
3) Hing wala poha
4) Paneer poha

Sada Poha

Normal or sada poha is cooked over steam here,you can find poha kadhai placed over a hot water untensil.In home people used to cook over gas only but in restaurant it is cooked over steam so that poha remain soft for some hours and hot too.for cooking sada poha we need to give tadka of mustered seeds,cumin seeds,chopped chilies,kadi patta,etc and serve by putting sev,pyaz,nukti over poha. Price of sada poha is also not much in Indore and is around rupees 10,which is very we can eat tasty indori poha at very cheap price !!.

Sada Poha with Jalebi

Sada Poha with Onion

Usal Poha

It means normal poha and usal is putted over it.usal is like a curry made by moong daal.We can have many videos on youtube for making usal.usal pohe is very spicy and have unique and wonderful taste.In indore we have some best shops of usal poha near rajwada enjoy usal poha, if you have never tasted it till now,taste it if you are in Indore.

Hing wala Poha

It is like prepared like saa poha only except having hing tadka along with other spices.The odour of hing tadka gives some different hing taste which is also good and liked by people.Outside people can taste hing poha in will be some unique experience with tasty hing poha :) .

Paneer Poha

Paneer with poha hmmmm... such a new concept ,but indoreans used do experiment with poha and now we have some new combination as paneer poha.But as per my information we have only one paneer poha shop in indore that is in greater kailash in old palasia better known as "head sahab ke pohe".Apart from sada poha if any one interested in usal poha than he can enjoy taste of cream,usal,chole and paneer in is such a unique combination and you can find it only at this place. The price is also less here so enjoy healthy and tasty breakfast @ head sahab ke pohe ...yummy !!.

Jalebi is also available at every poha shop.Enjoy sweet crisp jalebi with poha So,come Indore enjoy here and taste indori poha with jalebi, you will like it definately.

Game of Thrones | Friends | Bollywood | theme based Restaurants in Indore

We all know that Indore is one of the best foodie city in India and we can get almost all variety of Indian cuisines here,In Indore we have many restaurants which are known for their food quality and taste,well there are too many restaurants in Indore but many new theme based restaurants are opening now a days because of interest of youth.There are already many restaurants in Indore which are based on village theme,jungle theme,jail theme,etc but people are bringing new themes in restaurants like american fantasy drama "game of thrones",american TV serial "FRIENDS",Bollywood based theme,etc.These restaurants are attracting Indori youth now a days because of their interior aroma and different concept.Now people of Indore can also enjoy quality food with different interiors,themes inside the restaurants.

Game of Thrones theme based restaurant in Indore
A new restaurant came up in Indore with its unique theme of game of thrones which is situated at Mahalakshmi Nagar known with the name "Westeros Cafe" and its interior is totally based on game of thrones.Its interior is like a cave and walls are decorated with faces of characters and with lanterns which is attracting the young people of Indore.People can take selfie with thier favorite characters and even menu of this restaurant is made up of names of characters like Lysa,Robin,etc. Till now we have watched game of thrones but now we can feel the aroma of the serial in this restaurant with good food.We can take selfies,enjoy tasty food overall a must visit place for everyone.

The chair is the center of attraction, sit on the chair feel like king........
You can enjoy the dinner with the light of lanters....
Face of wall....the selfie point....

FRIENDS tv series theme based restaurant in Indore
We have watched popular american tv serial FRIENDS but there is a restaurant in indore based on theme of this tv serial came up with its unique interior,different theme and with new concept.It is situated in scheme no 54 near Bombay Hospital named as "Frespresso".initially organisers made the theme on its walls but later after seeing interest of people further they have developed it more.People are liking this restaurant by taking selfies with their favorite character,enjoying tasty food.We can also watch episodes of FRIENDS serial with food over here which displays on projector,We can also enjoy music with food here by playing guitar.A separate place is reserved for playing guitar here.Apart from guitar customers can also play games or even read books here.Overall it brings a unique experience and wonderful place to enjoy with tasty food.

You can sing song here with guitar......

You can do photo-shoot here with your favorite TV star.

Bollywood theme based restaurant in Indore
We all are huge fan of Bollywood films and some restaurants are coming with theme of Bollywood with it.Similar type of restaurant is situated in our Indore at scheme no 78 part 2 named as "Tea shakes" where Bollywood movies posters are pasted on walls and movie dialogues are also written on walls like "babu mushaye","crime master gogo","Zindagi lambi nahi badi  honi chahiye",etc.Here mike is available for singing so you can sing has also given an old look and dialogues are written on cushions like "Baap Baap hota hai","tu tera dekh",etc.For getting complete Bollywood theme menu also prepared like Bollywood dialogues like "aaja nachos le","firangi fries",etc.Enjoying tasty food with bollywood theme is very different and unique and people are enjoying here a lot.

Here you can enjoy your snack with your favorite song & play games with your friends. 

Front view of the cafe...

Theme based restaurants are quite popular in metro cities like Bangalore,Pune,Mumbai,etc but now people of Indore can also feel different themes with quality food in Indore itself !!!.

Selfie Points in Indore

Selfie is now becoming very famous in India & every youngster now a days takes selfie and post to their social media account.whether it is single selfie or group selfie all are becoming quite famous now a days.Well....youth of Indore also loves to click selfies with their friends or family.So inspite of that there are some selfie points are created by Indore govt.First selfie point started near Krishnapura ki chhatriyan named as "hashtag Indore".The spot is very famous now among younster and people loves to click photos and selfies here.Now a second selfie point by Indore nagar nigam started at palasia square named as "I love Indore".The point manufacturing cost is INR 6 Lacs.As we know that palasia is one of the posh area of Indore and selfie point at palasia is just like icing on the cake.Every school student or college guys loves to click selfies at these points.There are several selfie points Indore municipal corporation is planning to launch.

One of the idea behind selfie points is to globalise Indore because selfies are shared on social media and every one can see it.

Some of the pics of "I love Indore" situated at palasia square are :-

Selfie Point at Palasia


Businesses with no Investment

Today every one wants to earn more money in quick job we can earn limited money periodically,so business can be a way by which we can earn heavily but it needs to invest money,time,hard work,knowledge,etc.Business is not easy you should have business mind to propagate the business.Most of people think only don't have dare to take risk to quit the job and start business.Some of them take risk and bear loss and only few get success in their field.Whenever we heard the term business it recalls about investing money,taking risk and so many things.But there are some businesses in my mind which can be started without any investment.The things that are required is knowledge,hard work,commitment and awareness.

So some of those business that can be started without any investment are :

1) Blogging

Blogging is one of best way to earn money can earn money by placing ads to your blogs and according to traffic and visitors of the blog advertisement company will pay the money.for example blogger,google has a very interesting and facilitating blogging service as where you can create your own blog,write unique post and once your blog started to get good traffic than try for google adsense or similar ads network companies.The earning depends upon traffic of your blog.if you write unique content with interesting topics than definitely more people will reach to the blog and it can be famous in quick.There is no investment required in it,only required is a computer,internet connection and your knowledge.One thing important that blog publisher should have atleast 18 years of age for adsense account and similar criteria might be there for other ads too.

2) Teaching

Teaching is another option in which no investment is required.if you have knowledge and teaching skills than you can teach students and can earn healthy income from it.Initially you can start with 2-3 students and if you gets good results and by mouth publicity by students you can attach more this, small tuition can be converted into a big coaching institute.only the thing required is skills,with your skills,determination & passion you can be owner of big coaching institute without any investment or nominal investment.There are several coaching or training institutes which are earning heavily today.

3) Online tutorials

Today...we all have computers and laptops with high speed internet connection.if suppose, you want to do a certain course whose tutor is not available in your city than you can opt for online can teach online courses from any where the only required thing is computer system with good internet connection which is available in every home now.Today with increase in technology candidates needs to sharpen their skills and needs to update with new technologies.Some times happens that a technology is in huge demand and only few people has worked on it & you are one of them.This increases your demand in market & you can provide online training/tutorials and earn money with it.

4) Informative website

Now a days internet is hub of information.people studies more in internet than books.Websites that gives information or tutorials are in big demand can see many tutorial websites with lot of topics.The main thing is how can explain or how good information is.because there are many tutorial websites are present but key thing explanation and diagrams.A website should contains valuable information,easy language to understand and good explanation so that people like it and by mouth publicity & web page impressions the website can be famous with in short period.All just need to purchase a domain and space and prepare a website which should be simple to approach and easy to understand.

5) School or college software projects

We can make software projects for students.Now there are several engineering colleges are opened across country and almost all colleges has CS/IT branch and not all students make their minor/major projects from themselves,even very few of them make project from themselves.So here requirement comes for selling software projects to BE/ students and earn money by projects.

6) Youtube channel

Now a days,there is huge craze of youtube channels.every type of information we can get from youtube now whether it is related to studies,entertainment,sports,information,history,etc...etc.People ha sstarted news channels even on youtube.You can find many innovative and craziest information through youtube.People earns by ads that displays in can put google ads or other ads in your youtube video.

7) Freelancing

Another popular way to earn more is freelancing.But it needs your commitment and knowledge.There are many freelancer websites are available by which you can take various software can register online on freelancing websites and can start making money online.There are many people who are doing freelancing and earning heavily.

Is Indore really cleanest city of India ?

Indore is the cleanest city of India according to survey of 2017 by government of India.But the question arises is Indore really cleanest city comparing all metros and other cities.There are other cities like Nagpur,madurai,pune,etc which are known for their greenery and cleanliness.Indore was at 149th position in cleanest city rankings in 2014 and was at 25th in 2016,so what made Indore to move to 1st position in 2017.

Yes... the city has improved a lot from before.The people who arrived Indore say after six months or a year feel differences in terms of cleanliness and work of Indore municipal corporation.The whole survey in 2017 was based on waste collection,citizen's feedback,individual observation and odf(open defecation free) status.The survey has started by prime minister Narendra Modi aiming to clean and defecation free India by 2019.

So what are the efforts made by IMC for making Indore clean?

IMC has deployed garbage collection vans for taking litter or trash from individual home.Van consist of two main sections for feeding both dry and wet waste separately.So no one is allowed to put waste outside/neighbor of their home.A penalty of INR 50 to 500 is charged for spitting and littering on roads.Garbage collection van comes every morning for waste collection and a man himself take the waste and put in van.Initially started in two wards and after positive results it has been extended to 10 wards and than later after gaining positive feedback & success it is extended to whole city.A fee of INR 60 per month is charged and added to property tax for garbage collection by IMC, which is fare enough.So every day van comes for garbage collection with song Indore ko swachh banana hai...ho halla....sung by Shaan which is quite popular now.A discount of 5-10% was offered on property tax to those who installed bulk waste converters to decompose solid waste.

There is also a tracking device enabled in Garbage van for its location.In 2016-17 Indore has reached about 94% in toilet construction was 72% near about in 2014-15.

Before,large open dustbins were present along roadside for collecting garbage and there is no fix period of IMC garbage truck for collecting litter from open dust bins due to which much waste and litter get outside and spreads to the road side.Now to avoid this two separate dustbins has been placed at every half kms for collection of dry and wet waste. There are also public toilets has been started at every single km for making environment clean & defection free.Main roads are swept 3 times a day instead of 2 times as in many of metros.Sweeper comes every alternate day and pressure jets are engaged every night to make city free of dirt and dust.

Now time is changing Indore is trying to catch interest of IT companies & two of big IT giants TCS & Infosys already started offices at super corridor.Due to urbanisation things are changing as Indore is selected in smart city mission so plans regarding solid waste management,rain water harvesting and waste water recycling are in queue.

Chief minister of MP Shivraj singh chouhan said after visiting Washington that Indore roads are much better than Washington roads..well things are improving for Indore but its two early to compare Indore with Washington :) :).Every month there is award function where either mayor or IMC commissioner gives a certificate of recognition for best ward.

So,apart from food Indore is also known for its cleanliness. which is really got possible by immense efforts by IMC,people awareness and their hard work.

Good luck Indore .....keep doing it...

Important facts about Indore

Some important facts about Indore are :-

1) Indore is said to be commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

2) First city to have both IIT & IIM.

3) Famous bollywood actor Salman khan was born in Indore

4) Legendary singer Kishor kumar did graduation from Christian college Indore.

5) First private FM radio channel as Radio Mirchi started in Indore.

6) Indore is cleanest city of India in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2017.

7) Famous Indian Cricket Rahul Dravid born in Indore.

8) Indore is foodie hub & taste of poha and jalebi is incredible here.

9) Famous congress politician Digya vijay singh did engineering from SGSITS Indore.

10) Sudama nagar is asia's biggest colony which is in Indore.

11) Famous bollywood singer Palak Muchhal is from Indore.

12) Famous bollywood lyricist,writer Swanand Kirkire is from Indore.

13) Famous urdu poet and bollywood lyricist Rahat Indori was born in Indore.

14) Famous TV actress Ankita Lokhande was born in Indore.

15) Famous serial of Doordarshan "Om Namah Shivay" in which the actor Samar jai singh who played the role of  Bhagwan Shivji was born in Indore.

16) Famous film & Television actress Navni Parihar was from Indore.

17) Famous singer Lata Mangeshkar born in Indore.

18) Indore topped in cognizable crimes in the country in 2014 reported by national crime record bureau (NCRB).

19) Famous Test Cricketer Narendra Hirwani moved to Indore in hi teenage and made debut in first class cricket for Madhya Pradesh.

20) Pithampur in Indore is Asia's largest industrial area.

21) Indore is known as mini Bombay for its life style.

22) Bada Ganpati Temple in Indore has biggest Statue of Lord Ganesh in Asia.

23) Baja race(a racing model car competition for mechanical engineering students from various universities of India) launched and takes place in Pithampur(Indore) every year.

24) India has won all ODI cricket matches in Holkar stadium in Indore till feb 2018....hoping it will continue...and famous knock of Virender Sehwag of 219 runs against west indies came in holkar stadium,Indore only.

25) Praveen Kankariya,CEO & Founder of Impetus did engineering from SGSITS in Indore.

26) Sarafa in Indore is market for jewellary and ornaments but is more famous for its food stalls in night.You can eat Gulab Jamun,Rabdi,Bhutte ka kees,etc @ Sarafa,Indore.

27) Indore has 56 Shops in palasia,Indore having variety of shops for food of the most famous spot in Indore for foodies.....

28) Daly college co-educational residential and day boarding school built by holkars was ranked first in 2015 by education world,India.

29) Bollywood film Pyar kiya to darna kya shooted in Indore.

30) Bollywood film youngistaan shooted at Embrald heights international school in Indore.

31) Famous Cricketer CK Nayudu was invited by Holkars and made him captain in his army.

32) Actor Mantra hails from Indore.

33) Traffic police cop Ranjit singh which is famous for his unique style and dance moves in from Indore.

34) Grand mother of famous TV actress Sagarika Ghatge is daughter of Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar of Indore.

35) Both Mahakal & Omkareshwar Jyotirling situated at nearly nearly 40-60 kms from Indore.

36) Indore is multiculture city having people from Rajasthan,Maharashtra,Gujarat,UP,Bihar,etc.

37) Famous bollywood actress Celina Jaitely's parents lives in MHOW in Indore district.

38) Famous bollywood actor Johnny Walker was born in Indore.

39) Painter, MF Husain famous for making paintings of Madhuri Dixit spent his childhood in Indore.

40) Amay Khurasiya ODI cricketer who played splendid innings of 57 from 45 balls against Sri lanka in his debut match,hails from Indore.

41) Madhya pradesh stock exchange is India's 3rd oldest stock exchange in country,situated in Indore.

42) Famous bollywood music composer and singer Meghdeep Bose was born in Indore.

43) Indian stock & market analyst, Deepak Mohoni studied in Daly College in Indore.

44) 35 feet 2011 world cup trophy is built in honor of Indian cricket team,situated at pipliahana in Indore.

45) Vijay Balla in Indore is built in honour of Indian team having name of players who won test seroes in England in 1971.

46) Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar made his first and only ODI century at Nehru stadium,Indore.

47) RRCAT, the famous research center known for research activities in laser and fiber optics present in Indore.

48) Politician & Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan is from Indore.

49) Film actor Kiran Kumar studied at Daly college Indore.

50) Comedian Zakir Khan was born & raised in Indore.

51) Famous model & Miss asia pacific world 2012 Himangini singh yadu hails from Indore.

52) Sneha Khanwalkar who works as music director in bollywood was born in Indore.

53) TV actor & Dancer Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is from Indore.

54) Dawa bazaar,Indore is considered as central India's biggest medicine market and some shops there opens for full 24 hours.

55) Charisma coach & Keynote speaker Danish Sheikh has born & raised in Indore.

Above are some important facts and personalities associated with Indore.Hope you enjoyed it........... :)

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