Businesses with no Investment

Today every one wants to earn more money in quick job we can earn limited money periodically,so business can be a way by which we can earn heavily but it needs to invest money,time,hard work,knowledge,etc.Business is not easy you should have business mind to propagate the business.Most of people think only don't have dare to take risk to quit the job and start business.Some of them take risk and bear loss and only few get success in their field.Whenever we heard the term business it recalls about investing money,taking risk and so many things.But there are some businesses in my mind which can be started without any investment.The things that are required is knowledge,hard work,commitment and awareness.

So some of those business that can be started without any investment are :

1) Blogging

Blogging is one of best way to earn money can earn money by placing ads to your blogs and according to traffic and visitors of the blog advertisement company will pay the money.for example blogger,google has a very interesting and facilitating blogging service as where you can create your own blog,write unique post and once your blog started to get good traffic than try for google adsense or similar ads network companies.The earning depends upon traffic of your blog.if you write unique content with interesting topics than definitely more people will reach to the blog and it can be famous in quick.There is no investment required in it,only required is a computer,internet connection and your knowledge.One thing important that blog publisher should have atleast 18 years of age for adsense account and similar criteria might be there for other ads too.

2) Teaching

Teaching is another option in which no investment is required.if you have knowledge and teaching skills than you can teach students and can earn healthy income from it.Initially you can start with 2-3 students and if you gets good results and by mouth publicity by students you can attach more this, small tuition can be converted into a big coaching institute.only the thing required is skills,with your skills,determination & passion you can be owner of big coaching institute without any investment or nominal investment.There are several coaching or training institutes which are earning heavily today.

3) Online tutorials

Today...we all have computers and laptops with high speed internet connection.if suppose, you want to do a certain course whose tutor is not available in your city than you can opt for online can teach online courses from any where the only required thing is computer system with good internet connection which is available in every home now.Today with increase in technology candidates needs to sharpen their skills and needs to update with new technologies.Some times happens that a technology is in huge demand and only few people has worked on it & you are one of them.This increases your demand in market & you can provide online training/tutorials and earn money with it.

4) Informative website

Now a days internet is hub of information.people studies more in internet than books.Websites that gives information or tutorials are in big demand can see many tutorial websites with lot of topics.The main thing is how can explain or how good information is.because there are many tutorial websites are present but key thing explanation and diagrams.A website should contains valuable information,easy language to understand and good explanation so that people like it and by mouth publicity & web page impressions the website can be famous with in short period.All just need to purchase a domain and space and prepare a website which should be simple to approach and easy to understand.

5) School or college software projects

We can make software projects for students.Now there are several engineering colleges are opened across country and almost all colleges has CS/IT branch and not all students make their minor/major projects from themselves,even very few of them make project from themselves.So here requirement comes for selling software projects to BE/ students and earn money by projects.

6) Youtube channel

Now a days,there is huge craze of youtube channels.every type of information we can get from youtube now whether it is related to studies,entertainment,sports,information,history,etc...etc.People ha sstarted news channels even on youtube.You can find many innovative and craziest information through youtube.People earns by ads that displays in can put google ads or other ads in your youtube video.

7) Freelancing

Another popular way to earn more is freelancing.But it needs your commitment and knowledge.There are many freelancer websites are available by which you can take various software can register online on freelancing websites and can start making money online.There are many people who are doing freelancing and earning heavily.

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