Cricket Grounds in Indore

(1) Holkar Stadium

It is international stadium of Indore.India played many matches and test matches here & has tremendous winning record.Sehwag scored 219 runs against west indies on this ground only.The ground is bit small and has pitch which generally suits for batting.As a result high scoring matches takes place here.IPL matches also held here,in 2017 it was home ground of Kings XI Punjab.

(2) Nehru Stadium

Before Holkar Stadium,International matches took place at Nehru stadium.Now this is ground for practicing cricket and for other sports.In this ground only, Sachin Tendulkar has completed 10 thousand runs in ODIs.

(3) Emerald Heights International school ground

This is also one of the best grounds in Indore.Ranji trophy matches takes place here.Also many club level tournaments held here in this ground.

(4) Dushehra Maidan

On this ground Cricket clubs are located.You can see many children practicing cricket in clubs over there.

(5) Chiman bagh Maidan

It is not strictly for cricket.people plays many sports like cricket,football,etc.The ground has some decent space for playing sports all around.

There are other grounds and clubs located at various places in Indore for better opportunities of cricket.

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