How to take Attention by writing comments in Youtube

Youtube is sensation among youth now!! and many of them earning good by uploading videos on youtube. Commenting on video is also very common and we can see lots of comments below any famous video.You may see many times a viewer comments on youtube and people enjoys it or start commenting  on that particular comment.We can see today how you can be famous on youtube by commenting on videos.

1) Write any funny comment : By writing funny comments you can divert people's attention towards you .People start commenting on your comment rather than on video.

2) Write any special comment about the video : By writing something new seeks the people attraction and people started follow you

3) By writing something negative about the video : It is not recommended but if you want to seek attention than you can write some negative views although video is too good.

May there are other ways also...Write in comments if you have other ways too.....

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