Is Indore really cleanest city of India ?

Indore is the cleanest city of India according to survey of 2017 by government of India.But the question arises is Indore really cleanest city comparing all metros and other cities.There are other cities like Nagpur,madurai,pune,etc which are known for their greenery and cleanliness.Indore was at 149th position in cleanest city rankings in 2014 and was at 25th in 2016,so what made Indore to move to 1st position in 2017.

Yes... the city has improved a lot from before.The people who arrived Indore say after six months or a year feel differences in terms of cleanliness and work of Indore municipal corporation.The whole survey in 2017 was based on waste collection,citizen's feedback,individual observation and odf(open defecation free) status.The survey has started by prime minister Narendra Modi aiming to clean and defecation free India by 2019.

So what are the efforts made by IMC for making Indore clean?

IMC has deployed garbage collection vans for taking litter or trash from individual home.Van consist of two main sections for feeding both dry and wet waste separately.So no one is allowed to put waste outside/neighbor of their home.A penalty of INR 50 to 500 is charged for spitting and littering on roads.Garbage collection van comes every morning for waste collection and a man himself take the waste and put in van.Initially started in two wards and after positive results it has been extended to 10 wards and than later after gaining positive feedback & success it is extended to whole city.A fee of INR 60 per month is charged and added to property tax for garbage collection by IMC, which is fare enough.So every day van comes for garbage collection with song Indore ko swachh banana hai...ho halla....sung by Shaan which is quite popular now.A discount of 5-10% was offered on property tax to those who installed bulk waste converters to decompose solid waste.

There is also a tracking device enabled in Garbage van for its location.In 2016-17 Indore has reached about 94% in toilet construction was 72% near about in 2014-15.

Before,large open dustbins were present along roadside for collecting garbage and there is no fix period of IMC garbage truck for collecting litter from open dust bins due to which much waste and litter get outside and spreads to the road side.Now to avoid this two separate dustbins has been placed at every half kms for collection of dry and wet waste. There are also public toilets has been started at every single km for making environment clean & defection free.Main roads are swept 3 times a day instead of 2 times as in many of metros.Sweeper comes every alternate day and pressure jets are engaged every night to make city free of dirt and dust.

Now time is changing Indore is trying to catch interest of IT companies & two of big IT giants TCS & Infosys already started offices at super corridor.Due to urbanisation things are changing as Indore is selected in smart city mission so plans regarding solid waste management,rain water harvesting and waste water recycling are in queue.

Chief minister of MP Shivraj singh chouhan said after visiting Washington that Indore roads are much better than Washington roads..well things are improving for Indore but its two early to compare Indore with Washington :) :).Every month there is award function where either mayor or IMC commissioner gives a certificate of recognition for best ward.

So,apart from food Indore is also known for its cleanliness. which is really got possible by immense efforts by IMC,people awareness and their hard work.

Good luck Indore .....keep doing it...

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