Is Indore really mini Mumbai ? Bombay i heard this word when i was child and living in Indore,Many people of indore used to tell that Indore is mini Bombay,so on the basis of this i developed an image of bombay that bombay will be of this type something like bigger version of indore,after completing my engineering when first time i reached mumbai i found completely different picture as i was thinking before,lots of high rise buildings,huge rush at railway station & market,local trains,language difference,vada pav,etc etc....i was completely shocked and thought who told indore is mini version of bombay.well i thought every state has its own culture and heritage and we cant compare deeply between two cities of different states in india,At high level we can compare like in terms of development,jobs,medical,industries,etc but considering these scenarios almost all metros are almost equal and one thing is common that people have no time in metros but in two tier cities distance is not that much so people reach home from office or go to different locations with in 45-50 mins.

Ok, so on which parameters we can compare indore with mumbai. so, i have some keys points on which we can compare both.

1) Transportation

well transportation in indore is just ok and still we have to improve a lot.Many years before,common people used to travelling in nagar seva and tempo but later,government banned both & were replaced by tata magic and omni van. Government also launched local bus service known as city bus but still the frequency of city buses is not proper in all the areas & people has to wait for about half an hour for next bus to city roads are good but traffic management is not up to mark.We know that indore is developing,business is coming,industries are coming so its very urgent now to think that we can deal with traffic in present and future situations and how can we improve city bus service,although we have i-bus service now which is pretty good and i really appreciate its service. BRTS is one of the better way to manage the traffic but we cant make BRTS on every road.apart from that we have auto and cab services of uber and ola which is good but still need to think about traffic management by better service of local transport,bridges,fly overs,etc.

In mumbai, if we compare transportation facilities with indore, i must say mumbai is far better from indore,the local train which is considered as life line of mumbai is used by thousands of people daily.Even i also traveled in local train in mumbai and really feel the difference.buses are also better, overall the whole traffic management including flyovers,bridges are maintained in a way,but still we have lots of traffic jam in mumbai because of huge rush and large population.

2) Education hub

Undoubtedly,Indore is education hub of madhya pradesh .Students from different places from madhya pradesh or even out of MP comes Indore for taking admission in schools and colleges.Indore has many schools and colleges including "Daly college" which ranked under top 10 schools in India.The city has prestigious colleges like SGSITS for engineering and Holkar science college.Except this Indore is first ever city to have both IIT and IIM.The city has numerous good schools including CBSE,ICSE & State board.For competitive exam preparation also city has many reputed coaching institutes which are giving regular results of their streams.Overall, Indore is education hub of MP.

On the contrary, Mumbai also where you have lot of premier schools  like Dhiru bhai ambani international school,campion school,etc.The city has premier institutes for higher education like IIT Bombay,VGTI Mumbai,NITIE Mumbai,etc.The Mumbai university is also very reputed and comes in top universities of India.The city has many institutes for competitive exam preparation and institutes which provides job oriented training.Mumbai is said to be business capital of India because of this commerce students can also make a bright career here.Yes, but obviously city is big so more fees,more crowd,more competition differentiates from Indore.

3) Research & Development

Research & Development facilities are increasing in Indore.The city has centres like RRCAT (,ICAR-Indian institute of soyabean reasearch,IIT Indore,etc.but still Indore has to  improve a lot regarding R&D programes.Government needs to take some steps regarding R&D facilities in Indore.

Mumbai also has top research institutes like TIFR,BARC,etc provides world class facilities for research scholars to research on their subjects and increase their education like masters,doctorate,etc.


Indore is cultural city having people from different states. Apart from MP people from ,Maharashtra,UP,Rajasthan,Bihar,Gujarat,etc. lives in Indore.Since MP is language neutral and main language is hindi here so other states people don't find much difficulty in terms of communication and other good thing is Indore localities accepts other states people and tries to become friendly with them.Climate in Indore is moderate.not much rain,temperature neither goes high nor low.One of the best cities in India to live.

Mumbai culture is bit different,its a mixed bag of different culture of India and people from countries also lives here.Since Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra so localities used to speak Marathi and since we have many people outside of Maharashtra also so Hindi and English also used frequently here.Mumbai is the city who accepts everyone,people of almost every Indian state lives here.But yes city is bit costly,rates of rented flats are more depends upon area.Almost every person is working here and people even don't know their neighbor.But good city to live,the city provides lot of opportunities,if you have passion,courage,caliber you can achieve a lot in your life here !!!.


Festivals....yes this is the occasion when all members unite together and celebrates with joy.Indore has high range of festival celebrations right from Makar Sankranti in January till Christmas in December.People here in Indore celebrates all festivals with joy and prosperity.In makar sankranti people make till ke laddu and distributes these laddus to neighbours,children used to fly kites.In Ganesh Chaturthi,people celebrates by placing statue of lord Ganesh in pandal for 9 days like that in maharashtra.In nav ratri too people used to place statue of Goddess Duga devi in Pandal and various programs of dandiya dance happens like that in gujarat.Dushehra, Diwali & other festivals are also celebrates here with great joy.

In Mumbai,people used to celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi more,people used to place big statues of lord Ganesh and celebration takes place for 9-10 days.This is the biggest festival of Maharashtra.People celebrates other festival too Ganesh Chaturthi is biggest one in Mumbai.


The ruler of Indore, prince Yeshwant Rao Holkar was maharashtrian,this is also main reason that Indore has good amount of maharashtrian community.The Rajwada palace,Khajrana Ganesh Mandir, Daily college,Lal bagh,etc are made by Holkars in their era.So because of holkar dynasty there was a link already established between mumbai and Indore which can also be a reason to tell Indore as mini Bombay.

Medical Facilities

Well....Indore has good medical facilities having hospitals like Apollo hospital,CHL Hospital,Bombay Hospital,SAIMS,etc. So, as before people used to say that for critical diseases better to take treatment in Bombay as that of Indore,but now Indore has also much better medical facilities and having testing labs for swine flue,chikunguniya,etc.A medical is also planned at super corridor,Indore which will starts hopefully in few years.

Mumbai has awesome medical facilities having world class hospitals like Bombay Hospital & Medical research center,Lilavati Hospital & research center,Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani & medical research center,Breach candy hospital,etc.Patients from all over India & overseas comes here for medical treatment.


Indori food....hmmmm......Indore is quite famous for its food.The taste & quality is just awesome with affordable price.Indori poha with jalebi is very famous all over India.Indori namkeen specially sev,dahi vada,bhutte ka kees,garadu,khopra pattice,hot dog,shikanji,etc having awesome taste.Amust visit place for foodie people.

Mumbai is famous for vada pav,kanda poha,bhel,pani puri specially at juhu beach.There are lot of things which we can enjoy in mumbai,but indori taste is something special in my openion :) .


Indore is cleanest city of India in survey of 2017 by govt. of India.Yes, i can say city has improved a lot.Dust bins has been placed separately for both dry and wet waste.daily a van comes in morning and pick trash & waste from each house and shops.Trash van rotates every area of Indore according to the timing with a song sing by singer Shaan :).It takes charge of INR 60 every month for this,which is quite nominal.Daily every morning sweeper comes and cleans the road, which was rare before.If any one spits on road that person has to pay a fiine of INR 500 to nagar nigam Indore as penalty.So, yes..local govt. has taken some useful steps which is quite effecting for making Indore clean and green.

Mumbai, on the other hand is more populated city,some areas are exceptional clean.Posh areas like Colaba,Navy nagar,Bandra,etc are exceptionally developed and really gives feeling that we are in India some where better place than India in terms of roads and cleanliness.but some areas like Ghatkopar,Dharavi comes in dirty areas of the city.

Industrial Development

Industrial development is the major thing where Indore is lagging.once upon a time Pithampur(near Indore) was asia's biggest industrial hub,but due to negligent behavior of govt. the area do not got so developed as it should be.There are companies like Eicher motors,Bridgetone,Mahle,etc but list should be more.

Mumbai has several big giant companies spread over areas like  navi mumbai and other MIDC parks.Companies like Reliance ,Tata motors,Godrej,etc have their production plants and offices in Mumbai.The list is very long and i must say there is no comparison of Indore with Mumbai related to Industrial development.Mumbai is far ahead than Indore in terms of Industrial growth and MP govt. should learn about industrial growth from cities like Mumbai.

Railway Connectivity

Although Indore is situated where it takes around 12-14 hors to go to metros like Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,etc,but still railway connectivity is not up to the mark.Because of job much crowd of Indore resides in metros like Pune,Mumbai and due to poor Train timings and connectivity majority of people travels by buses by giving heavy bus fares which usually increases in festivals.

Mumbai is the city whose local transport is based on trains mainly.Local trains of Mumbai is considered as life line of Mumbai. Lacs of people travels daily in Mumbai in trains.pick up of local trains are so good that it speed up in about 5 seconds.Mumbai has also good train connectivity between other metro cities.

Software Companies

This is one of the biggest areas where Indore can improve.Many young freshers from colleges and other job seekers usually go to metros like Pune,Mumbai for job opportunities.Indore has many engineering colleges where students learn engineering but when time comes to full fill their dreams than city has nothing to give !!.every year thousands of freshers moves to metros for job opportunity.Indore has only one IT park named as crystal IT park having some small & mid scale companies.We can say only 10-15% engineering pass outs can able to get job in Indore but that also depends on brand and salary package.Indore companies do'nt offer much as that like big MNc's.So because of better salary,better brand and more job opportunities people has to move to metros.but i am expecting conditions will be better in future due to software development at super corridor.Infosys & TCS offices are about to start in 2018 hopefully.Apart from both these ,expectations are there from other companies as well to start their offices in Indore.

Mumbai... no comparison with Indore with respect to software development.Many IT parks are located in different parts of Mumbai with headquarters of IT giants like TCS,L&T Infotech,etc.You can give daily interviews here in software companies in trending technologies.Annually lacs of job seekers comes to Mumbai for better career growth.


Indore is rich in heritage and history.Rajwada palace,Lal bagh are some of tourists attraction.There are also religious spots like jyotirling Mahankal Temple in ujjain (near Indore), jyotirling  omkareshwar Temple (near Indore) & Khajrana Ganesh Temple in Indore.The city has other spots like Tincha fall,Patalpani waterfall,regional fall,gomatgiri,Hanumantiya,etc.

Mumbai is famous for beaches like Marine drive,juhu beach,aksa beach,etc.Apart from it Gateway of India,Haji ali Dargah,Siddhivinayak Mandir,elephanta caves,etc..etc are some other tourists spots of Mumbai.


Indore people have time to talk to neighbor,friends,etc.People in cities like Indore has better social life.City is not big as metro so not time spends in traffic.People can manage both social and professional life quite easily here in Indore.

Mumbai is known for its traffic and travelling.but, thank God due to good transportation we can travel long distance in less time.but yes...the city is big so more traffic jams and travelling time.Social life in Mumbai is not like Indore because much time spends in travelling and people also used to busy in their own life.People don't know their neighbors and used to get together in weekends only.

Commercial development

Since, Indore is situated around 600 kms distance from metros like Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,Ahemdabad and has good roads and transportation facility and India's third oldest stock exchange as Madhya pradesh stock exchange is also located here.City has industrial areas of Dewas and Pithampur and also has education hub and other textile industries.

Mumbai is commercial capital of India having RBI main branch,national stock exchange,film industry,World class Hotels and Restaurants,textile industries,etc serves as world fourth populous city of world and wealthiest city of the country.

Overall Comparison between Indore & Mumbai

Well, every city has its own taste and its difficult to map one city with other.Being Indori,I like Indore for its culture,food and lifestyle and respects Mumbai too for its culture,development,etc.Considering above points we can't say Indore is mini Bombay.It could be, but Indore has to improve a lot to participate in race of metro cities.

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