Poha & Jalebi in Indore

The all time favourite food of every indori is poha-jalebi.One plate of poha with 2-3 pieces of jalebi hmmmmm.... creates wonderful taste.We can make cook poha easily at home,its easy to cook and raw poha is easliy available at any grocery shop in Indore but yes making jalebi is bit difficult.But if we want to get real taste of poha jalebi than better to go to any nearby good restaurant and enjoy tasty and healthy poha with sweet jalebi. Indore poha is world famous now and its cooking is also bit different than normal cooking.In restaurants poha cooks on steam rather than gas.As we see in cities like Pune and Mumbai people restaurants people used to cook over gas only but in Indore it is cooked and heated over steam.

Poha was started initially in Maharashtra but became famous from Indore.if we see than overall food of indore is very tasty and good but indori poha is something very special.Sev,teekhi nukti, chopped onion,chopped coriander,pomegranate seeds makes the taste even more better and last but not the least jeeravan,this is special poha masala which is almost every where in Indore used to put on poha,makes the poha spicy.For complete indori poha taste jeeravan is must component.

Indori poha itself is very good in taste but it got more better if we have some pieces of jalebi too.There are many breakfast items are available in morning like somosa,aloo vada,kachori,khamad,imarti but most authentic breakfast of indori is poha jalebi only.

People used to tell that water of river Shipra is so good to make poha that when it gets cooked it becomes soft and having so tasty.Poha factories used to take Shipra river water generally for poha manufacture as we have lot of poha manufacturing factories near sanwer and ujjain.

There are different varieties of poha available in restaurants like :

1) Sada poha
2) Usal poha
3) Hing wala poha
4) Paneer poha

Sada Poha

Normal or sada poha is cooked over steam here,you can find poha kadhai placed over a hot water untensil.In home people used to cook over gas only but in restaurant it is cooked over steam so that poha remain soft for some hours and hot too.for cooking sada poha we need to give tadka of mustered seeds,cumin seeds,chopped chilies,kadi patta,etc and serve by putting sev,pyaz,nukti over poha. Price of sada poha is also not much in Indore and is around rupees 10,which is very less.so we can eat tasty indori poha at very cheap price !!.

Sada Poha with Jalebi

Sada Poha with Onion

Usal Poha

It means normal poha and usal is putted over it.usal is like a curry made by moong daal.We can have many videos on youtube for making usal.usal pohe is very spicy and have unique and wonderful taste.In indore we have some best shops of usal poha near rajwada side.so enjoy usal poha, if you have never tasted it till now,taste it if you are in Indore.

Hing wala Poha

It is like prepared like saa poha only except having hing tadka along with other spices.The odour of hing tadka gives some different hing taste which is also good and liked by people.Outside people can taste hing poha in Indore.it will be some unique experience with tasty hing poha :) .

Paneer Poha

Paneer with poha hmmmm... such a new concept ,but indoreans used do experiment with poha and now we have some new combination as paneer poha.But as per my information we have only one paneer poha shop in indore that is in greater kailash in old palasia better known as "head sahab ke pohe".Apart from sada poha if any one interested in usal poha than he can enjoy taste of cream,usal,chole and paneer in it.it is such a unique combination and you can find it only at this place. The price is also less here so enjoy healthy and tasty breakfast @ head sahab ke pohe ...yummy !!.

Jalebi is also available at every poha shop.Enjoy sweet crisp jalebi with poha So,come Indore enjoy here and taste indori poha with jalebi, you will like it definately.

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