Sabse Saste kachori-Samosa in Indore | Cheapest Kachori-Samosa in Indore

Samosa & Kachori are most popular snacks in north India.Indore has also large number of shops of samosa & kachori and one of the popular snacks in Indore Indore one samosa or kachori costs generally Rs. 10-15.but there are some shops in Indore where we can get samosa/kachori at Rs. 5 or less than 5 even.I am showing some list of samosa-kachori shops having lowest prices in Indore.

(1) Mahakal Kachori Center

This shop is located near patnipura square in Indore.You can see the board where prices are written.alubada,samosa,kachori is @ Rs 5.Imarti,jalebi & gulab jamun are also at very cheap rates.

(2) Agrawal chaat center

This shop is situated near malwa meal can see Usal pohe,kachori,samosa,breadbada,mungbada,alubada is @ Rs. 5.

(3)Jai Kesari sweets

The shop is situated near malwa meal square.You can enjoy paneer kachori,hing kachori,batla kachori,hyderabadi samosa at very cheap price. 

(4) Super Chai

The shop is famous for chai and is situated near malwa meal square.

(5) One shop is situated near jinsi square at kali masjid road in Indore where cost of 2 kachori/samosa is Rs. 5.I am not able to recall the name ,if anyone knows the name of that shop than please post it in comment section.Thanks in advance....

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