Selfie Points in Indore

Selfie is now becoming very famous in India & every youngster now a days takes selfie and post to their social media account.whether it is single selfie or group selfie all are becoming quite famous now a days.Well....youth of Indore also loves to click selfies with their friends or family.So inspite of that there are some selfie points are created by Indore govt.First selfie point started near Krishnapura ki chhatriyan named as "hashtag Indore".The spot is very famous now among younster and people loves to click photos and selfies here.Now a second selfie point by Indore nagar nigam started at palasia square named as "I love Indore".The point manufacturing cost is INR 6 Lacs.As we know that palasia is one of the posh area of Indore and selfie point at palasia is just like icing on the cake.Every school student or college guys loves to click selfies at these points.There are several selfie points Indore municipal corporation is planning to launch.

One of the idea behind selfie points is to globalise Indore because selfies are shared on social media and every one can see it.

Some of the pics of "I love Indore" situated at palasia square are :-

Selfie Point at Palasia


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