Some universal truth about our life

1) Girls are really bad drivers

2) A good job,good package and a beautiful wife always be a reason of jealousy for others.

3) Boys are always ahead in results of competitive exams in India.

4) Girls are always better performer than boys in board exams.

5) Convincing power of girls are better than boys.

6) Dusre ki thali mein ghee hamesha  jyada dikhta hai

7) In job interviews, beauty of girl matters more than her knowledge.

8) Boys always worship god or pray to god in exam time.

9) Evolving jokes will never end for Both Rajnikanth and Sardar.

10) Engineers always study on night before exam !!.

11) Big thinking is not surety of success...proper implementation is must.

12) A person who writes with left hand usually has good handwriting.

13) Interest on actual amount is always be more favorite for owner.

14) Kamal hamesha keechad mein hi khilta hai.

15) It's always feel happy to leave office before official timing.

16) Free ki party ya free ka khana hamesha acha lagta hai !!!

17) Girls always scare of cockroaches.

18) If 1 white picked out from head then it creates a bunch of white hairs there.

19) Girls always wants praise from there boyfriends/husbands.

20) If we try to forget a thing recalls more that time.

21) A person feels more hungry during fast.

22) Petrol prices in India always rises irrespective of market rates !!

23) Girls favorite snack is pani puri.

24) People used to spend more time on social media than their family.

25) Boys always use to put wallets in back pocket of pant. 

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