What else if not selected in IIT ?

IIT....such a big brand in our country and every one who is preparing for engineering entrance examinations wants to get admission in IITs.IITs are premier engineering institutes launched by Indian government having world class engineering facilities and infrastructure.IITs are not new institutes they are running from several decades.The oldest IIT is IIT kharagpur which was launched in 1947.But difference is now people are more aware now,with increase in population,competition is also increased and desire of higher package in reputed companies also played a big role that IITs are more famous.Every parent expect that their child should clear IIT entrance but the thing is not easy,lacs of candidates prepares for IIT exam but only few thousands can able to get admission in IITs.I can understand for aspirant there is pressure from parents,relatives,neighbor,etc...etc for clearing IIT entrance.everyone asks that what about result of IIT,you were doing preparation so what about entrance result..bla...bla..

for clearing IIT main a& advanced it requires hard work for atleast two years,candidates used to go various reputed coaching classes,online tests,practice sheets...bla....bla...bla...we can see many students do lot of hard work in preparation but still not able to get IIT.The answer is very easy seats are less & aspirants are more.so its not possible that every bright student will get admission in IITs.

So what else if not selected in IIT ?, is career stopped here,do a non IIT pass out could have bright career as of IIT pass out?
there are many questions but the answer is yes...life isn't stopped if you are not selected in IIT.See you have to prove at every stage of your life,whether it is pre engineering entrance exam,in engineering,job,etc.life do not set only by clearing IIT entrance you have to perform in your engineering,in your job you have to prove that you are better than others.

IIT universities provides better salary packages than a normal engineering college and better infrastructure for engineering.normal colleges also provides campus placements but i believe it depends upon student that what he want to achieve.it does't mean that if you are in IIT than only you can go to Google,Microsoft.every organisation needs skills so if you are from any college and you have skills to prove than you can do anything,it is not limited to only IITs or NITs.

you can clear public sector examinations (PSUs),learn different booming software technologies,prepare for GRE,CAT,etc.There are several options even if you want to o job only spend your full 4 years in learning new technologies and certifications.see certifications are very important if you have certifications from reputed organisations that becomes proof that you are aware of that technology.in software perspective certification for java,.net,various networking certifications from Microsoft or Cisco,etc help students in selecting premier companies with good packages.develop projects, learn innovative things you can start your own company or business even.well....lot of things are there in this world that an engineer can do, IIT is not end...

the only thing that can put you above from others is your learning,so it needs to learn constantly and tries to boost up your skills.every organisation whether it is google,microsoft,cisco they asks for BE/B.tech degree from any college.it does't mean that only IIT candidates can apply here,so market is open for every one just needs to sharpen your skills and learn technologies constantly which are in industry demand.

but even if you are stll an IIT fan and wants to take admission in IITs than you have other options after your engineering also to do higher studies like M.tech,MBA,Ph.D from IITs.Exams like GATE,JMET are held by IITs for getting admission in IITs for higher studies.

So, don't waste your time, learn new things,convert your ideas to application....you can do anything...everything is in your hand...Good luck..... :)

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