Which Engineering branch is best for me?

After 12th exam every engineering aspirant think which college and branch i will get? I should give more weight age to college or good branch is better for me ? Lots of similar questions revolves in mind of students who are looking for an engineering career.Actually engineering branches are very different than subjects that student studies in class 12th.Student gains knowledge of physics,chemistry & maths and he don't know what are benefit of Mechanical engineering or civil engineering,computer science,Information technology,etc.So many of the students get confused at the time of seat allotment that what is better for me ?which branch ?which college?.I think student should emphasize on branch rather than college unless he is getting top engineering colleges like IITs/NITs. Some people says all branches has scope and its depend upon student's performance and caliber who knows what will be scope after 4 years.But i think branch matters and better to take branch after consulting to some one who knows market and can estimate which field has wider scope.Like today we can say software market is at boom so branches like CS & IT are among top choices comparatively other branches.Branch is something where you learn about that field for last 3 years as first year is common for all branches.So its very important that to take good and on demand branch.I have seen many students take mechanical branch and than start their career in software company.what is the use of mechanical branch here? the syllabus that you have studied in mechanical is just waste.Well....its very important decision of your life and balance needs to be make between college choice and branch.

Points needs to be consider while opting branch and college in counselling :-

(1) Always ask some person who works in engineering firm and has knowledge of present market.Many of your elder brothers/Sisters or some other relative or friend works in companies or other engineering fields so better to ask them once so that you can get an idea about present scenario of market.Last decision is yours but always consult some senior person for this.

(2) If you are getting civil branch in one of the best college say IIT Delhi comparatively CS in COEP pune than obviously IIT Delhi will be the better choice because of better placement options,brand value,better infrastructure and tag.College matters where college brand value is more and branch matters where all college options are nearly at same level. 

(3) If you are female than better to take branches like CS/IT because in software companies you have to work on computer machine in AC room so no hard work and field work which suits for females.

(4) If you want to pursue career in govt. sector than branches like electrical/mechanical/civil are better than others because in govt. sector vacancies are more in core branches.

(5) If you want to do M.tech/Ph.D or want to associate in research field than you can opt for any common branch because every branch has scope of higher studies in India & in foreign universities.I know this is something that not all students think in beginning but some ambitious students has en eye in higher studies too right from starting.

(6) If you want to do MBA or wants to prepare for govt. non technical exams than any branch is ok for you.

But my personal opinion is CS/IT are top branches now because of lots of jobs in software industry and attractive salary package.and in future also i think software industry grows more & more......several startups are launching with new jobs and market requires more software professionals.

But last option is yours.All above points are my personal views So,Good luck for bright engineering career :)

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