Why Basics or Basic Concepts are Important?

Every one says stick on basics,basic concepts clear karo.....but why these basic concepts are important? Why teachers & faculties says to focus on basic concepts in this era of advancement.For example if your studying microprocessors than first of all you need to got through 8085 or 8086 microprocessors.Although before that you need to know binary system & some knowledge of digital electronics but these are basic microprocessors that every university follows in their syllabus even today.If you go through engineering syllabus students have to study 8085 or 8086 in their semesters.This is the time where we started working on latest microprocessors for example i7 or i9,but still we have to study basics.The reason is, even if technology advances but basic never changes ...basics will be same always.These are like building blocks for our knowledge...this is the base.

If we don't know Ohm's law in physics than how can we study advance electrical circuits and chip technology.A person with good basics can work any where and can learn any related technology.You can see advance engineering exams like GATE in this questions are concentrated to basic concepts and application.No advance knowledge are needed to clear..but they check only basic concepts and their applications.Even exams like JEE we can see questions asked on basic applications.people says that JEE or GATE are one of the toughest exams,yes.....they are because most people don't have basics cleared...they confuses if little bit get changes in question.

For every computer programmer it is essential that he should be very good in mathematics.A person good in Maths can only be a good programmer because he has logical mind & can apply more logic to program.So basic is Mathematics for programming...as we know engineer can be a programmer but not a doctor can be programmer !!...because of mathematical skills required in programming.

Its not even restrict to studies only..sports & games also requires basics as well.whether it is cricket,football,chess,etc...etc.A person can be a good cricketer if his technique is good and can apply basics on ground while playing.for example Rahul Dravid of India...one of best cricketer of all times and one of the most technical correct batsman of the world.

Even we can see the job placement in college..many software companies pick candidates from non CS/IT branch because they judge on the basis of concepts only...if you have concepts clear and & basic programming knowledge than you can perform for the organisation after getting trained.

So, make your base smooth with strong concepts,rectify your doubts...be competitive and focus on daily learning.

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