Why Engineering scope is down now?

Once upon a time engineering was dream for everyone...it was a craze & after completion of 12th every one tries for appearing in top engineering exams like JEE,AIEEE,etc....Counselling for allotment of seats also takes more than a month because of offline counselling.Candidates comes from various cities as there were only few centers allots for counselling.I also came through that process only...on counselling day all students comes with document list including mark sheets,certificates,etc...it seems like Indian mela :)  and both candidates & parents constantly watches about the vacant seats and college availability.Well....now process has changed....all things has gone online and its easy for students now to select their college and seats from computer itself.I am trying to recall you that time when engineering was passion for every one and students take drop for 1 year or even more than that !! for selection in good college.People used to go to Kota or delhi for coaching for IIT entrance...etc..etc..

But now things got changed,students don't take drop for preparation & used to take college and branch that they are getting in first attempt.before, students think of college tags & for that they take drop for a year to do preparation to achieve better rank and get good college.Now student more focus on branch rather than college and if they have option of good branch in even low grade college they choose that...mentality is changed because of globalization,awareness and increase of scopes in different sectors.

Now Situation is, you have 50 engineering colleges in a city and only 15-20 colleges has all seats filled till end of counselling.Other colleges don't have even 50 percent of seats get filled and some even completely vacant !!.

Top Reasons why engineering scope is down :

(1) I think increase of engineering colleges & universities also playing key part for this situation.Quantity is more and engineering quality is less.Some students even not able to get job after 3-4 years of their graduation.

(2) One more key point is engineering pass outs goes to software companies mainly.Even if they don't have CS/IT branches because they don't have other option !! or have very limited scope in their native field.Suppose i got pass out as electronics engineer and came to know that i have to go to software field because of limitation of jobs in electronics. first question arises why i did engineering from electronics branch?....such scenario is taking place this time..in simple words other than CS/IT branch all branches has limited scopes currently.i don't recommends anyone to take other branches than CS/IT in common colleges because 99% percent chance is to come in software field only...or if don't like to pursue career in software than better to join higher studies like MS/MBA...

(3) Now a days...students also like to focus on their hobbies and skills for their career as it was not common before.Now parents also do not force to do engineering or medical.They see interest of child and gives them freedom to achieve good in their field of interest.

(4) People now a days focus more on job oriented short term courses which was not so common before.Now a days there are several courses like networking,animation,multimedia,interior designing,fashion designing & other diploma courses...people now focusing more on these courses to get early job and start taking industry experience because now a days industry work experience valued more than any degree.So instead of giving 4 years people think better to do these courses from good institutes and start job early.

(5) Now commerce & science can also enter software field by holding B.sc or B.com degrees with them.Its not like engineering background students only enter in softwares...so people think that better to do b.sc or Bca or any similar degree and get enter enter in software company in less time.These courses has less fees also comparatively engineering so need to spend more money on fees too.

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