Carpool Ride | Benefits

Carpool is one of the best option for travelling now a days in metros !!!.A person having car can offer a ride to ride seeker.The charges are standard as per distance.

Benefits of Carpool : 

1) Both car pool provider and rider has benefits because car pool provider is earning some decent money and car pool rider also gets ride in nominal charges.Instead of giving 200 rupees to cab give 50 rupees to carpool provider and reach your destination.

2) Pollution will reduce,if all people uses their own vehicle then both pollution and traffic increases so better to use carpooling or bike pooling to reduce traffic and pollution.

3) There are many whatsapp groups are there for car pooling for corporate employees.Educated crowd uses carpooling so a kind of safety is also there.

There are many apps like sRide,QuickRide are available for carpooling.

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