Indore after 50 years from now !!!

Things are getting changed since last few years.So any one can you imagine how our Indore will be after 50 years.Its difficult to imagine now what will be changes in Indore after 50 years.I thought deeply and came to about following things that Indore will have after 50 years from now :

1) More Job opportunities will come

2) Indore will become one of the IT hub

3) Indore will become smart city.

4) Population of Indore will cross 50 lacs 

5) Flat culture will come instead of row houses.

6) Indore will get club with dewas,pithampur,etc

7) Metro train will come.

8) Due to more job opportunities, people from different states will come in indore

9) property rates will increase.

10) more bridges and flyovers

11) Better hospitals and other medical facilities.

12) Most of the machines will be automated

13) Manual work will reduce and robots will do most of the work

14) Driver less cars will come,so accident chances will get reduce

15) Schools will be better,new generation will be more advance

These are some personal points about Indore after 50 years.Let us know if you some other ones in comment section.

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