Carpool Earning of Software Professionals in Metros

Carpool is one of the best option to go office for working professionals in metros.Instead of giving much fare to cab it's better to go via carpool.Carpool fare is generally 3 rs per km which is very cheap comparatively cab or auto.

There is benefit for both carpool seeker as well as provider.Seeker can go in minimum expenditure and provider also earn some money.If your office is about 20 kms from your home so you have to give 60 rs,if four persons travels to and fro excluding driving person in that provider can earn Rs 480 a day.

480 in one day means 480x22 = 10560 in one month (excluding saturday & sunday).

By this, carpool provider can easily save petrol expense of car for office that means your office travelling expense becomes zero !!.Secondly, seekers has also benefit to reach office in low fare comparatively cab.

So use carpool,by this traffic will also get reduce and its pocket friendly also.

Thanks for reading this article.

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