Difference in Salary Package between Pune & Bangalore

Most of the software professionals in India are working in metros like Pune,Mumbai,Bangalore,Delhi,etc...etc.As we know life is different in metros comparatively other normal cities.But in metros itself there is difference in salary.So, today we will see difference in salary between software employees working in bangalore & pune.

See salary in software companies depends upon city to city,if cost of living in that particular city is more than salary is comparatively more and if cost of living is less than salary will be less.

In Bangalore, on an average salary of software professional is more as compare to pune.Since overall cost of living is more in bangalore so obviously salary should also be more there.

In bangalore salary for fresher in MNCs is starting from 3.5 lacs while in pune it is 3.00 lacs.In pune if some one is earning 8 lacs per annum than it should be about 10 lacs in Bangalore.Secondly Bangalore is bigger than Pune so travelling time is more in Bangalore.Both the cities are crowded but in Pune traffic is less comparatively Bangalore but salary is also less :) :)

So, its depend upon you where you want to do job and where you are getting better opportunity.I hope you like this post.

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