Difference in work culture between MNC & Startup

In India,Software companies like TCS,Infosys,Wipro has more fame than any other software company.Even many candidates,employees has dream to work in these MNCs.Software market is increasing day by day in India,lots of startups are entering in software market now a days.Working in startups and MNCs are two different scenarios.There is much difference between the two in terms of culture,working style,growth,etc.There are some pros and cons in both of them. Lets figure out some key differences between MNCs & startups.

Pros of working in MNCs :

1) Better starting salary package.
2) More onsite opportunities.
3) Better job security.
4) Big MNCs has good office campus.
5) Good food facilities.
6) Transportation facilities.
7) More work life balance comparatively startups.
8) Better corporate culture.
9) Beautiful girls :D :D

Cons of working in MNCs :

1) Internal politics.
2) Less learning.
3) Less hike..it depends upon company too.
4) Competition is more.
5) Less friendly environment than startups.
6) Less helping people.

Pros of working in Startups :

1) More learning in quick time.
2) Become good in technical skills if you have spent at least 2 years in startup.
3) Annual hike is more than MNCs.
4) Friendly environment.
5) More helping people.
6) No or less internal politics comparatively MNCs.

Cons of working in Startups :

1) Less exposure to corporate culture.
2) Less client interaction.
3) Less personality & communication skill development,well it depends upon company too.
4) Less job security.
5) Less work life balance.
6) Less onsite opportunities comparatively MNCs.
7) Small offices.
8) Starting salary is less for freshers.
9) Transportation facility is generally missing in startups.

Above are some key differences between MNCs & Startups...Hope you like this.

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