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I have seen many software developers having good experience on paper but they are not earning enough money as per their experience.I have seen many of them becomes technology architect in 5-6 years.So,one thing is crystal clear that if you learn more than you can earn more.Apart from that also there are some points by which you can make quick money in software field.

1) Switch to better domain : If you are dealing with good domain like banking domain,insurance,etc than growth will become more.Do hardwork in these domains you will get quick output.Because banks gives better money for software engineers and has more chance to learn new technologies.

2) After 2-3 years of experience you should able to identify in which company you should switch or what will be better option for you in terms of salary growth.Just try to get money more than double of your experience.For example if your experience is 3 years than your annual salary package should be more than 6 lacs per annum.If you are earning less than you are below market standards.

3) Switch to better technology : Try to work in hot technologies like Java,Hadoop or some other hot skills.older technology like mainframe will not drive your salary growth.So try to switch to some better technology.

4) Have better relations with seniors,managers for quick growth.

5) You can switch company to get some good hike about 30-40 percent.Prepare well for interviews if you are planning to switch company because good preparation can pace you in better company with better salary.

6) Apart from that you can take coaching classes on weak ends.

7) You can take small level major/minor college projects for extra earning.

8) Your own business will only drive you to earn maximum money.Aim to open a software company on small scale.Its difficult but try to figure out how you can achieve that.

9) Try to catch on site opportunities in projects.This will proceed you for extra earning other than your salary.

10) Invest money in banks,shares,mutual funds,SIP,land property,etc..etc....depends upon you Because investing money is also as important as earning money.

Above are some points for earning quick money in software industry.I hope you like it.Please comment below for your suggestions and improvement.

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