How to raise package in software industry | Some smart tricks

Its essential need now for everyone to raise salary package every year.At least employee should get decent hike so that they can cross inflation rate of that country.In software,some gets good hike but some not, even after good performance.There are some key points by which you can raise package in software industry.

1) Good terms with manager : For getting good hike,one should have good terms with manager.You can increase terms by regular communication with manager,go on lunch with him,good suggestions,good performance,etc..etc.because your manager/appraiser is responsible for your hike.

2) Set goals & achieve it : There is goal setting for every quarter/six months depending on company where you set the goals and need to achieve in that period of time.Fill properly that appraisal form and achieve that goals in proper time.Goals could be like doing any certification,learning new technologies,good performance in project,etc..etc.

3) Switching company : Final option is get a better switch.If you get frustrated from your company with hike and want to get more than best option is to switch and ask for better initial package.You can get minimum 30-40 %  hike while switching company depending upon company.I am not recommending much this option but if you switch after two years than it is fine with your career.

Some companies has good policy of giving good average hike to employees but some companies not giving evan 1% of hike.

Above are some points regarding getting hike in companies.If you have any suggestion,points than please write in comment section...thanks a lot for reading this article.

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