How To Score Good Theory Marks in RGPV

Scoring a good theory marks is challenge for many students.Many students attempt  most of the question paper but can't able to score good theory marks.If you write efficiently you can score 15-20 percent more marks.Here are some points by which you can improve your theory marks :

1) Try to attempt all questions.Suppose you know two questions very well but don't know much about remaining three,you should attempt that two questions firstly and then try to answer remaining three questions.

2) Make diagrams in theory answers.Checker first see diagrams only,so try to make good diagrams.Diagrams should not be so small nor too big.You can use both pencils & pen for making diagram.

3) Write in detail in short note questions.Try to make diagrams,graphs and write in points about important information.

4) Dont write in lengthy paragraphs.If you have good material to write then write in points.

5) Try to write in good handwriting.It should be easily readable.

6)Try to make block diagrams in theory questions.It's not necessary to make blocks by scale you can just make it only by pencil without scale,it will take less time.

7) Don't leave any question,even if you don't know anything about that question write something about other topic but don't leave any question.

8) If you have to attempt any numerical and you are not very sure about that,try to write calculations with some steps and try to find any can get some marks of steps.

9) If you forget any derivation,just write some steps and bring result and write Hence proved.Hence proved is important because many checkers only see that.

10) Time management is important.Give maximum time to those questions which you know very well.suppose out of 5 you know 3 questions very well then give 65-70 percent of time for these 3 questions.Remaining 30-35 percent will be for remaining two.

11) Prepare numericals from every unit.Its difficult but numericals take less time and if your numerical is right then you can get approx. full marks.

12) Go through at least last 4 semesters question papers.

13) Write answers from text books.Answers from question banks do not have quality to score good theory marks.

14) Make your notes with in semester so that you can write quality answers in exams.

Above are some importants points which need to be considered in theory exams.Please like,share & comment us about this post.

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