How to take software projects for a startup company in India?

Software job is really hectic job now because of tight timelines,more work pressure,project delivery,etc..etc.People are doing much hard work in this industry.As you are working hard than why not work for yourself by launching a startup?.If you have sufficient software industry experience,have good technical knowledge & if you know the work process of software industry than its a good time for you to start a software company.But,the point is how will you get the projects....where to approach...How to interact...What solutions you can provide....etc..etc.

There are different approaches to get software projects from clients,this is not easy task you have to work hard for getting confidence of clients.

1) You can try for some freelancing projects from websites like,, are other websites also present but these three are among the top.for getting projects from these websites first of all you should have good profile.for example : you want to take testing projects than you should have descent experience in testing,mention some testing projects in your freelancing profile,mention technologies,tools that you know,your full education background and other things that they ask to mention in profile.For getting project you need to bid a project.Since you are new so please bid as low as possible.Its very difficult for first time,keep bidding for different projects,surely you will get one.Once you get a project,do it with full sincerity and try to get confidence of client.may be you will get further project with that client.So when you will complete two or three projects you can mention in your profile about your freelancing projects and try to attract other clients.So, by this way taking small-small projects you can launch your startup and than try for some big projects.You can youtube videos, many youtube videos are available for making profile for freelancing websites.

2) You can divert clients from some other company to your startup.For this you should have good experience in IT company and should have good interaction with clients.Client interaction at good nodes is only possible if you are in business domain like Business analyst or in sales team.You can divert small clients to your startups by doing same work in low cost, or promise some better work in low cost in quick time.Such kind of strategy need to adopt for diverting projects from any existing company to your startup.It is not easy even not guaranteed but many people did this.

3) Another way is to approach client by hiring some marketing professional fresher.He can search market for software project even you can also call different people of restaurants,showrooms,shops,offices for making websites.Initially you will struggle but even if you get one or two projects,than earning starts from here.

4) Join social media website groups like facebook group,etc for freelancing projects.some there also you can get projects or guidance/approach to get software projects.

5) You can also start by college level major/minor projects.for this you can join college groups in facebook or by any other source of contacts.

Above are some points by which we can take software projects to launch our startup...I hope you like it..Thanks for reading.

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