Which Software Companies has maximum bench period?

Many software companies has good bench period.Bench period means you are not allocated to any project,if any requirement will come then necessary procedure for project allotment will take place and if all get right then you will be allocated to project.Bench or pool is important aspect for the company because any urgent requirement comes then bench employees can be allocated to fulfill that requirement.Some companies has good bench strength & bench period as well.Some companies like Cognizant,zensar,etc has zero bench period policy.With in one week only they will deploy you on some project.

Service based companies like Capgemini,Accenture,TCS has more bench period.They have good job security as well.Some companies fires with in a month if you releases from some project and not able to get any other project.But good service based companies like Capgemini,Accenture never fire any employee related to bench period.They try to deploy you on any project,if there is no requirement they will keep you on bench but will never fire.

Product based companies has less bench period comparatively service based companies.They has little or no bench period.

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