Which software company has maximum onsite opportunities?

Onsite opportunity attracts every employee especially if the opportunity is of some overseas country.If an employee gets onsite opportunity on beginning of its career than the opportunities & career of that employee gets boosted.People also have excitement to travel to new countries,exploring new places,meeting new people & learning different things of corporate culture.

There are some important benefits of onsite opportunities for employees :

1) Better opportunities if have tag of working abroad.
2) Extra money you will get for onsite other than your normal salary.
3) Opportunity to travel to foreign country.
4) You can explore new places there
5) You can try new food if you are foodie.
6) Company's trust on you will also get increase.
7) One of the most important thing your confidence level will increase.
8) Opportunity to meet different people of the world.
9) Opportunity to travel in flight....freshers has excitement for flight travelling.
10) Your company will pay all your flight charges,accommodation,etc.
11) Your family also get proud of you because of onsite opportunity.

So, the question is how you can get onsite opportunity?....Basically it depends upon your project,client,work requirement,etc that project is for which country and project is operating from onshore or offshore.Some clients wants that employee should work on that project from onsite only for better completion of work or some times there are mandatory requirements that you have to work from onshore.

Basically, service based companies like TCS,Infosys,Capgemini has good onsite opportunities because of having multiple overseas clients and good projects.I have seen top service based companies like TCS,Infosys,Capgemini,Cognizant,Wipro,Accenture has really good onsite opportunities to work in different european,american & asian countries.But see, now a days competition is more & due to some internal politics of software companies not all candidates get chances to go onsite.It depends upon luck also.But as per my information service based companies that i mentioned above has better onsite opportunities.

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