Why people are getting frustrated in software companies?

Frustration of employees with in software companies is increasing.Many employees are frustrated because of work,pressure,etc in companies.Yes, there is money in software field but on the contrary there is much frustration too.Even some people commit suicide because of frustration.I have summed up some points that why people has frustration in software companies.

(1) Timing in software companies is usually more.Employee has to give 10 hours or more than that in company.

(2) Work pressure is more.Tight timelines.Fast expectation of work completion.

(3) Because of internal politics.

(4) Some employees do not get work as per their skills.for example some one has expertise in java force to do work in python development.

(5) Less time for family because of work pressure.

(6) If there is need then you have to work on weekends as well.

(7) Less job security because of instability of  IT.

(8) Home loans, personal loans ,etc in metros also lead to some amount of frustration.

(9) Daily travelling is also too hectic in metros.

(10)You have to be good learner to survive in software field.

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